Inspired by New York City and its legendary cocktail bars, the Rum & Fizz Rocks Glass features eye-catching quilted aesthetics. Designed to serve Rum on the rocks perfectly, these versatile glasses are also perfect for classic and vintage cocktails or exploring modern twists on fresh ideas in cocktails. The weighty feel and attention to detail evoke a speakeasy vibe that the Mixologist team at Rum & Fizz swear by. They proclaim serving a classic old-fashioned in these Rocks glasses is a joy for a professional bartender. While the ridged design is perfectly crafted, and the broad-brimmed allows the cocktail ingredients to maintain their lustre, plus the deep bottom keeps the drink cold longer too.


The Rum & Fizz Rocks glass is the perfect balance of form and function and are beautiful to display as a set in your home. For next-level creativity, pop these glasses in the freezer to prevail and appreciate how a libation transitions and opens differently when super chilled. 

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